What We Help With

Assistance with school

It can be difficult to get the application process started and get all the proper steps completed, so we at C2C are here to help. We will first sit with you and find out not only what interests you but what you are passionate about, this won’t be through hours and hours of aptitude tests. It will be a conversation with a person, someone who can help lead you in the right direction and show you multiple routes. After we have a plan, we can begin to execute. First we will apply for the GI Bill that the Veteran will be using, whether it be Post 9/11 or Montgomery. After that we will begin the application for University and schools to ensure we meet all required deadlines. Once those two steps have been completed and as we wait to get approval, we will start the FAFSA application to try and find extra funds through grants and scholarships to support Veterans. This process can take some time so patience is needed, but with C2C by your side it will be much less tedious.           

This Website can help you apply to  hundreds of schools with one application!     www.commonapp.org

APply for the GI BIll

Assistance with the VA

The Veterans Affairs system is difficult and complicated because people don’t understand that each department there only handles certain aspects of the Veteran’s needs. It is sometimes confusing and frustrating to ask four different departments the same question and never get the same answer, this happens because each VA department has a specialty, making it hard for them to help with all problems. At C2C we will strive to provide Veterans the correct destination and information on the first time, meaning, less time between appointments and a more efficient system.

Assistance finding a career

C2C is constantly working to form partnership with nationwide companies in all career fields so that when Veterans do graduate they have a few potential suitors that are viable options. We can by no means guarantee a job but with the assistance of the C2C team in writing resumes and cover letters, Veterans with and without degrees will be more desirable. 

Start here: https://vetjobs.com/