what we have done

4th Quarter 2017-Total 9

In the fourth quarter of 2017 the Cammies to Careers team was fortunate to assist nine veterans. As a team and community we were able to  assist four Veterans with applications for the GI Bill and to attend a four year University. We were also able to help a South Carolina veteran schedule and meet with a VSO in his area to expedite his VA Disability Appeal. The final four veterans we were able to assist had a wide range of needs from archived DD-214's to JST credit transfers. One even needed an application fee waived. Thankful to everyone who helped spread the word about Cammies to Careers. 

1st Quarter 2018-Total 63


January by far was our most productive month! We were able to help a total of 17 Veterans. 4 Veterans we were able to locate jobs for, 2 we were able to help them start a Comp and Pen, 3 with school applications, 2 with JST and full credit transfers, 2 GI Bill applications, 1 getting reimbursed for a dropped class and 1 finding a home lender and the final 2 were retrieving archived DD214’s. Every Veteran helped is another Veteran who succeeds! Continue to spread the word and continue to tell everyone! In February we were able to assist with nine resume re-write/tweaks, 11 Veterans were assisted with education applications, 2 VA claims and for miscellaneous items. We also "recruited" 11 volunteers to help in all aspects of services.