What People Have to Say About Us

Aaron M.- 5 Stars:

Cammies to Careers is extremely user friendly! I happened across their founder Michael Peatrowsky on LinkedIn. We connected almost immediately. He introduced himself and offered help if I needed it. Now realize this is a newer program. With that said, there are miles between us, as in I live in South Florida. So, everything had to be done online and through inmail on LinkedIn. At the time I was struggling a bit with my Resume. I went to their website and emailed them my info. They had someone working on it immediately! Within a short period I was introduced to Jennifer Whiteman. She volunteered her time to help me get my resume put together and back to me. All this within just a few short days including a holiday weekend! Michael stayed in touch through the whole process and still is in touch now. I recommend all veterans use Cammies to Careers! They have the basics covered! They also have a lot of resources. They respond quickly to emails and get things going quickly! They are proactive! I am sure if you catch them off guard with a question they will find an answer quickly and take you the right direction.

Aaron A.- 5 Stars:

It's a lot better than anything else I've tried to go through. Your actually hands on and involved; the information turn around is great. Found a better job opritunity within 24 hours and by having to move actually gives me the chance for a fresh start. If I qualify for the position or not, you keep your eye out for others. I hope your organization goes a long way

Marcelino M.- 5 Stars:

Great site. Helped me find a job when all the other sites failed. Thanks

Jack L. - 5 Stars:

Excellent people! They have the knowledge and the experience to help!

Matthew B.- 5 Stars:

Helped with my JST for college and starting a medical claim, quick and efficient. Everything the VA isn't.

Jason N.- 5 Stars:

Great organization! Simplified the process of applying for benefits. From VA Home Loan to education benefits they broke it down “Barney style” and made a stressful situation simplified and smooth.

Tyler P.-5 Stars:

Amazing organization that I have witnessed grow exponentially firsthand! Looking forward to becoming a mentor and sharing a wealth of information available to our veterans!

Darren B.- 5 Stars:

Just wanted to take a quick moment to give a huge thanks to Michael Peatrowsky! It’s rare to see that kind of devotion, care, and knowledge in people these days. The fact that he shares all this, expecting nothing in return is amazing also. I needed a little help getting my disability claim reviewed. Michael met with me face to face and hands on walked me through the entire process in about 30 minutes! (What may very well have taken me 3 days or longer to do alone) What you are doing is amazing sir! Please keep up the great work. Semper Fi brother!!