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Our mission is to provide hands on assistance to all Veterans. The transition from active duty or reserves to civilian life is difficult, we at Cammies to Careers are here to make it easier. As a 501(c)3 we offer all of our services free of charge.


We are here to act as an advocate for the Veteran in all facets of life. If the Veteran needs us to reach out and find a local Veteran Service Officer we will, if they need us to walk them through a four-year school application we can. It is tedious to get transcripts sent and acquire the certificate of eligibility. If you need help even getting started with a home loan for first time home buyers, we can point you in the right direction.    


The main goal of Cammies to Careers though is to create a seamless transition for Veterans, from service, to school to career. This is where we will  partner with Universities and employers in funneling our members through the hiring and education process.

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